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  • Sat, April 23, 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (HST)
  • Koloa, Hawaii
  • Free
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Aloha all volunteers,

Thank you for volunteering your time and energy to help preserve, sustain and restore our valuable coral reef ecosystems on Kauai!!  It is truly people like you that make a difference in preserving our marine resources for future generations.

While we will meet at Koloa Landing at 9am to begin this event, volunteers may come and go as needed.  If you have not completed a “Volunteer Liability Release Form” you will need to fill this out prior to participating in this clean-up.  Please fill out these forms and sign in at the volunteer tent upon your arrival. 

Clean-up Plan and Goal
We are lucky again this year in that the reef at Koloa Landing is very clean! However, the Koloa Landing boat ramp area where we stage our Scuba equipment needs a lot of cleaning.  It is overgrown with weeds and brush and under these weeds and brush is a lot of rubbish.  Therefore, a majority of our cleaning efforts this year will be to clean-up and beautify the boat ramp area.  

I know many of you look forward to our Earth Day clean-up because we get to clean-up debris and go diving at the same time.  I have not forgotten about all of you water people.  After we clean on land for about 1.5 hours, then those who want to get wet and cool off will gear up and clean anything they can locate in-water.  Those who will not be getting in the water may continue cleaning around the boat ramp on shore.

Supplies Provided
Ice Water – in a cooler **bring your own reusable water bottle to fill up**
Pastries and other snacks
Debris containers for land-based volunteers
Gloves for land-based volunteers
SCUBA equipment for certified divers.  *See SCUBA instructions below

General Suggested Items to Bring
Reusable water bottle, Sunscreen, Hat, Sunglasses, Camera, Beach Chair, Gloves, Shovels, Weed Clippers, Machete, Chain Saw, Picks, Rakes, Pickup Trucks (we need extra trucks to haul away rubbish), Tabi/ non-slip water shoes.

Event Schedule
9:00 am    Meet at Koloa Landing.  Welcome to all volunteers. Site and Safety briefing for all.  Sign in and fill out liability volunteer waiver forms
9:15 am    Group photo
9:20 am            Begin on land clean-up all volunteers
11:00 am     Scuba divers gear sign out and set up – Non-divers to continue land clean-up
11:30 am    Dive briefing and Safety protocol for snorkelers and Scuba divers
11:45 am     In-water marine debris removal
1:00 pm    Out of the water     
1:15 pm           Gear clean up
1:30 pm     Pot Luck Lunch and prize drawing
2:00 pm     Pau hana site break down

Snorkel and Scuba Teams!
Please bring your own mask snorkel and fins.  
Please bring your own gloves and mesh catch bags if you plan to remove debris.  
Please bring your own dive knife and or scissors (The titanium scissors from Wal-Mart work great and are very resistant to rust) to remove monofilament line entanglements.
If you have not received marine debris removal training from Malama Na Apapa you may only remove small debris items less than 25 pounds.

Scuba Divers
Malama Na Apapa (MNA) will be donating the use of SCUBA equipment for certified divers that do not have their own gear. 

***Important*** If you would like to borrow Scuba equipment you must make arrangements with Scott no later than Thursday April 21st. There is a limited supply of Free Gear usage so first come first serve.  All divers who are participating must present their SCUBA cert card and sign the volunteer liability form.  If you borrow SCUBA equipment you must rinse it thoroughly prior to returning.  

SCUBA Supplies provided if needed and prearranged with Scott
Wetsuit, BCD, regulator, weights, & tanks

Suggested items to bring
Dive knife, scissors, catch mesh dive bag for debris, camera, dive watch, dive gloves, dive log, & pen

Dive Gear Check List (Reminder to make sure you bring everything)
Fins, Booties, Wetsuit, Gloves, Mask, Snorkel, BCD, Regulators, Weights, Belt (If needed), Tanks, Dive knife, Dive watch, dive light, extra BC clip to attach data slate, camera, dive log, and pen.

Scott Bacon 808-482-0683 or Scottbacon@kauaicoral.com

Mahalo and hope to see you there!

Scott Bacon
Malama Na `Apapa Director



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