From Planning to Review, your customer’s digital JOURNEY spans Locations, Devices and Channels





Control spend with daily budgets, pay based on ad Impression, Click or View, and track Actions, Calls and Sales resulting from paid media through regular reporting.

Adjust ad campaigns based on measured Return On Investment. Find your customers by targeting: Search Terms, Visitors To Your Website, Past Customers, Email Lists, Audience Interests, Sites Visited, Video Channels Visited, Devices, Locations, Gender, Household Income, Time of Day, Day of Week, Offline Purchase Data.



Enable search engines to Crawl and Index your website.  Build an Organic Keyword Strategy.  Optimize content to improve Click Through Rates, Relevance and Site Performance.  Enhance organic search listings with important information about your buisiness, and improve search rank through effective Back Linking.







Google looks for consistency in local citations across the Internet to determine Local Search listings (Google Map) rank. Update and maintain your business profile across all of the major local directories.



Customers and search engines make decisions about your brand every day based on your ratings and reviews. If you don’t actively manage this important consumer feedback channel, you could be leaving your star ratings up to a few detractors.







Engage consumers who are within ~230 ft. of a bluetooth beacon – mobile devices must have Bluetooth and Location services enabled.  “Nearby” alert notifications are built into the Android operating system – No App Required & No Media Costs!  Notifications can be customized and managed for each beacon/location.



Build a loyal, repeat-customer base, and acquire new customers with a strong social strategy. Measure consumer response to both paid and non-paid posts in order to strengthen your messaging and drive revenue.   







A clean, compelling website is critical when you have only seconds to capture your customers’ attention.  Take advantage of our brand and website development solutions to help you stand out in a cluttered marketplace.



Measure website activity leading to sales. Refine marketing campaigns with actionable consumer data. Determine which audience segment is most valuable to your business. Adjust campaign targets, budgets and messaging based on profitability.