Sierra Olympic knew they had a game-changer on their hands when they approached us for a digital solution. Their latest technology leap-frogged the competition at a fraction of the cost, opening it up to a whole new set of consumers. The traditional technical sales approach and old-school RFP process would no longer be sufficient to reach their new sales goals. They knew digital would be critical to their growth.

With their new price-point advantage, Sierra Olympic wanted to become the first manufacturer in their industry to enable e-commerce transactions. This was a significant challenge given the range of product options and specifications. Using the latest e-commerce design and development tactics, we created a web experience that not only showcased the products and features in a whole new way, but it effectively led consumers to transact online.

Our digital marketing strategy was built on Google. We leveraged Google Tag Manger technology to setup a comprehensive event and conversion tracking solution. We worked with Google engineers to become one of the first agencies to implement Google Call Tracking on their website using the Google Tag Manager platform, giving Sierra Olympic the ability to attribute call-in revenue directly to our marketing efforts.

We used Google AdWords to drive product awareness through paid search, reach new consumers through targeted display ads, re-engage our consumers through remarketing campaigns and capture market share through conquesting campaigns. In addition to Google AdWords, we drove incremental growth through the Bing Ads network, reaching a valuable audience that is often not found on Google properties.

  • 102% Increase YoY: Unique Users to the Website
  • 940% Growth YoY: Online Sales and Lead Generation